Studies Program

Latin American Missions Studies Program 

The Latin American Missions Studies Program (LAMSP) is a program for students and aspiring missionaries that fosters a nurturing environment for study and praxis in language, culture, theology, and ministry on the mission field.

The pillars of the Program:

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Theology
  • Ministry

Language acquisition is an important part of being effective communicators of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Students will do intense studies of Spanish during their stay in Buenos Aires with native language teachers. Students who already speak Spanish fluently will study Brazilian Portuguese or an indigenous language such as Quechua, Aymará or Guaraní.

Students and aspiring missionaries should not only desire to be fluent in a foreign language, but also fluent in the culture as well. Learning about culture goes beyond reading into experiences that teach and cultivate critical reflection.

Students will learn what it means to read the Bible through Latin American eyes. Doing theology or theological reflection along with Latin American theologians and ministers will inform students how Jesus’ life and work might be faithfully mirrored in the South.

Ministry will ground the students’ experience and give them a community where they may serve and be served. The local church provides the richest cultural and theological experience possible. Students will be a part of the local church and be called to serve in the life and teaching of the body.

The LAMSP will take place May 15th – July 15th 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Students will be encouraged to travel internationally within South America after the two month experience in Buenos Aires.

The cost of the program will be $4,000 USD. This will include airfare, housing, language and culture classes, city tours and all other expenses during the stay in Buenos Aires. Students will raise and administer their own funds. If you have any further questions about funding, please write the program director.

The Program is open to undergrad and graduate students as well as professionals. There will be a max of five people accepted into the program.

The program director is Jonathan Hanegan, missionary in Buenos Aires. Jonathan speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and began serving in South America in 2003. He moved first to Venezuela in 2006 upon graduating from college and since 2011 has lived in Argentina.