Who is called to mission work?

Lately I’ve noticed that young people fear “missing out,” be it socially or spiritually. There is a fear that something great is going to happen and I’m not going to be a part of it. This fear should neither keep you from nor lead you to the mission field.


The truth is, God is everywhere doing things in peoples lives all around the globe at every moment. To miss out on what God is doing has absolutely nothing to do with travel plans or passports – it has to do with awareness and involvement.




Awareness. We must be conscious of what it is that God is doing in our world. If we our busy building our “kingdom” we will struggle to see the ways that God is building His Kingdom. Once we open our minds and hearts to God’s eternal mission, we will begin to see the many ways that God is touching hearts and changing lives all around the globe.


Involvement. God has generously made us co-laborers with Him in the redemption of all creation. This means that, whether we know it or not, God is transforming and healing our world. We can choose to be a part of that healing through seeking first His Kingdom and His justice (Matthew 6:33) or we can go about our lives as we see fit.


One of the greatest privileges of the Gospel is not only to benefit from the Good News of Jesus Christ but also to be a part of His ministry here on earth. We should pray along with Jesus, “your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) and seek out ways that this can be made a reality through our lives.


Henri Nouwen understood the truth about God’s calling. He wrote: “God calls everyone who is listening; there is no individual or group for whom God’s call is reserved.” Let’s not miss out on God’s call to be a part of His divine plan to bless all nations of the earth through Jesus. Our travel plans, whether our answer to this call requires a passport or not, must be secondary to our commitment to Christ’s call.


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