Meaningful Cross-Cultural Experiences

Is it possible to go to another country that speaks another language and not have a cross-cultural experience? I believe it is. And while all cross-cultural interaction is not avoidable, I believe most many foreigners lived isolated from the local culture.


So, if your goal is linguistic and cultural immersion, what is the best way of going about it? I would like to suggest that the church is the best way to experience another culture.


While brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world share a common faith and Lord, their expression of the Gospel is unique in their culture. Being fully involved in a community of faith does not only mean making friends with the locals, but learning to love and serve them all the while you are known, served and loved.


I have been traveling around South America for the past thirteen years and I am convinced that, in the majority of cases, missionaries are much more a part of the local culture than others who come for business or pleasure.


If you participate in the Latin American Missions Studies Program you will be part of the Redeemer Church of Christ in the barrio of Palermo. We are a small and growing Christ-centered community that strives to proclaim God’s Word, live and community and be a part of God’s mission in Buenos Aires and in the rest of the world.


Iglesia de Cristo Redentor

Iglesia de Cristo Redentor


Want to get a real taste for Argentina and for Latin America? Commit to growing in faith alongside other dedicated Christians . . . in Spanish over mate.


Visit our church’s website:


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